Edan Chrysler (nachtebuch) wrote,
Edan Chrysler

back in da housssseee

I'M BACK! My nose doesn't seem very happy though. It's been weird since I woke up ... at 5am in the morning. I have a feeling my body assumed it was the new sleep cycle when I went to bed at 10pm and so happily woke me up 7 hours later. This will take a while to get back to normal. Or maybe I should just stick to the new cycle so I can sleep early and wake up earl— ok. Let's face the truth. 's not gonna happen that way.

SO! What do I feel now that I'm back, you ask? Actually, not much. I'm just feeling really relieved to be back, but I don't feel terribly out of place either. Maybe slightly disoriented, but I suppose that's normal. To be fair, I've lived here for most of my life, so I don't suppose I will feel that much like a fish out of water - not at least while I'm still at home, anyway. I ordered McDonald's yesterday with my mind still subconsciously assuming that I had to pass off as British. I reckon I confused the woman at the counter a fair bit. Oops.

Now that I'm back, it's weird that besides the immense relief, the next thing I feel is an overwhelming feeling of BOREDOM. GUISE. GET ME OUT. I DON'T MIND. PLEASE. Before I start spending most of my time napping rather than doing anything useful. *snore*

Tags: singapore, updates
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