Edan Chrysler (nachtebuch) wrote,
Edan Chrysler

gettin' greek;

It's frankly been ages since I last updated my Livejournal - honestly, there hasn't been much that I've been feeling like blogging about, but today's something I feel like writing about. I started summer school last Monday and Ancient Greek has been absolutely. insanely. intensive. But it is also oddly fun ... it's a wondrously odd language which even Modern Greek speakers find rather strange.

A fellow classmate recommended a Cypriot restaurant near Chalk Farm to us and made a booking for almost all of us tonight - all I can say is that it was absolutely wonderful. I'm still stuffed - it's a surprise how much food there was, even though everything came in really small plates and didn't look that intimidating on the table. There are no photos, partially because I wasn't really thinking of taking photos of anything, and I guess that it also would have been slightly rude. I must say, though, that not having to worry about taking photos of the food also meant that it actually left room for me to really take in the meal. Greek - okay, so it was actually Cypriot - food is so different from Chinese food, largely because the primary ingredients are so different - and it's really salty - but at the same time, the whole idea of a communal culinary culture was something really close to home in some strange but warm, fuzzy way. Either that or it was the Cypriot white wine playing tricks on me. 

Whatever it is, I am stuffed. And absolutely knackered. It's been a ridiculously long day and I need some sleep. I'll just pretend that sleep will help the imperfect and future forms of Ancient Greek verbs sink in. Zzz. More about the food tomorrow ... maybe.
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