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Well, I really haven't updated my Livejournal in a very, very long while, so I figured I'd do a bit of a random write-up on the things that have been going on so people on my Flist can have an idea of what I've been up to over the past couple of weeks.

The primary thing on the list, of course, is Greek - Ancient Greek, that is. I've been back at King's doing a summer school course in Ancient Greek; to say that it is intensive is slightly missing the point, because it is more like WHYDIDIDOTHISARGHHOWAMIGOINGTOREMEMBERALLTHESEENDINGSARGHHHHHHHHO— woops ok not really. But intensive it certainly is and it does get me fairly stressed sometimes ... it's a surprise I'm still forging ahead with the intermediate session, really. But I have to do this for the sake of Oedipus at Colonus.
... which reminds me: did I mention this on my Livejournal? My pitch was accepted and I've been taken on to direct the department's annual Greek play tradition. I wonder how much I'm spoiling it. Hmm. Whatever it is, I'll be directing Oedipus at Colonus, and if you're in London next February, please do come and see it! :D

I was lucky enough last Saturday to get a standing ticket for the last performance of Antigone at the National Theatre with Christopher Eccleston in the role of Creon and Jodie Whittaker as the title character. I wrote a slightly more in-depth review over at A Minor Chord, but whatever it is, I really did enjoy it. To be honest, I'd probably enjoy any decent production of a Greek play; there's a certain thing about them that, when done right, makes them oddly enjoyable. It could, of course, be the sadistic satisfaction of watching the characters speeding to their inevitable, prophesied plights; then and again, there's also something the ritual and structure in the text itself that brings out a certain sense of atmospheric unity. Hmm.

This is my uni library (or at least, the one nearest to my campus and that holds the Arts and Humanities books). This is a particularly random photo, I know. It was a particularly gorgeous day, though, so I thought it'd be nice to take a picture. It used to be London's Public Record Office and was built in the 19th century (which doesn't make it too old) - though there is a part of it now known as the Weston Room that used to be a medieval church called Rolls Chapel.

... holy— sorry. I looked it up and just found out that Rolls Chapel was built in 1232.

TDKR red carpet at Leicester Square!!! Unfortunately, it was so crowded in front of me that I could barely see any of the famous people, but we did manage to hear Morgan Freeman speak. That voice.

The weather was miserable though. The sky was dripping on us throughout the entire three hours that we were standing there for. It's a surprise I didn't fall ill the next day.

The view from our flat! That's Battersea Power Station, and makes the view from our window look downright dystopic. Gotham City, much?

Actually also kind of reminds me of the Industrial Revolution section during the Olympics opening ceremony. Which was awesome.
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