Edan Chrysler (nachtebuch) wrote,
Edan Chrysler

and it's all done for the year;

I've finally managed to pack almost everything that I need to clear out - save for a couple of loose items which I will figure out tomorrow - and my room is this close to being as bare as it was when I first came in. I cannot believe that it has been an entire 9 months since I moved into hall. I am glad to be moving but at the same time, I know I will miss this place quite intensely. It has quite some space for a student, fixed furniture, and more importantly, this has been the place - the headquarters - from which I have managed my life in London for the past academic year, and I don't think anywhere else will be such a storehouse of first-time feelings, new insights, and a generic chaos of both familiar and unfamiliar sentiments that only a first year in a foreign country can possibly bring to a guy like me. Everything that has been new and nice, new and not nice, familiar and unfamiliar, daunting and exciting - all of them have had their part here in this room. 

And now, it is almost bare, ready to take in someone else who will set off on his or her own London adventure. As for me, I guess it's time to have a few weeks away from the city before I return in the summer to figure out some other part of London all over again as if it is the first time. 

Till then, summer! But first, I should go get some proper rest. Night y'all x
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